Below is a list of the current performances and workshops that Mark provides. However other stories are available, please ask if

you have a particular theme or need.

 Storytelling in Devon and Beyond


 Mark performs in both primary and secondary schools, and also runs a variety of storytelling based workshops. 

Children are inspired to use their creative/imaginative and oral abilities to tell their own stories, either from their lives or from their imagination. The benefits of these workshops include improved oral skills, listening skills, creativity and confidence. 

Performances can be tailored to fit with curriculum needs. An example might be the telling of Viking myths to support history.

For teachers and classroom assistants; how the skills of storytelling can be applied to any different subject areas and how narrative can bring added dimension to lessons. There is also attention to the skills of

storytelling - how to prepare a story, voice work etc.


Secondary Schools


Beggar King and the gift of wisdom

A story about King Solomon 

Native American Stories:

Raven and the Whale and How the horses came to be

Greek Myths:

Perseus the Gorgon Slayer, Jason and the Golden Fleece

The Arrow and the Apple:

The story of William Tell


Biographical storytelling:

A workshop where young people explore and tell

stories from their own lives

Working with stories and imagination:

Voice, imagination and confidence are all attributes a storyteller

needs, and are supported in this workshop.

 Creative writing:

Looking at how imagination can be supported by

storytelling and fed into creative writing.

Primary Schools


Stories from around the World:
Tales from many different countries and
cultures including Africa, India, China and
North America KS 1/2.

Myths and Legends:
Dramatic tellings of the great myths of
Ancient Greece, Egypt and Scandanavia KS 2

Isis and Osiris / Rama and Sita KS1/2

Tortoise and the Dream Tree

An interactive performance for ages 4-6

The Gift of Christmas:
Christmas Stories for KS 1/2


Telling stories:

Working with myth, drama and imagination.

Speaking and listening skills.