Storytelling in Devon and Beyond

​People who attended a recent performance said:
“It was a wonderful experience to be absorbed in the story and feel so many emotions as the tale unfolded”

“You told St Francis’ story so simply yet it was profound beyond words, you kept us truly earthed but transported us to heaven”
Stories from the early life of the most enduring of saints. St Francis has a lot to say to us in the 21st century.  He speaks of our connection with the natural world, about greed and materialism, about the true nature of joy, about finding a path in life and giving everything to that.  I developed this performance after living near to Assisi for 2 years in the early 90s.  It was here, whilst living in a spiritual community, that I became immersed in the stories and the message of St Francis. I walked where he had walked, prayed where he had prayed and experienced my own joy and sense of spirit. 

The performance which is just over an hour in length and  focuses on:
Childhood, the excesses of youth, his experience with war and imprisonment, inner joy, his relationship with his father, his relationship with the natural world and of course much more ........
This performance has previously shown at: Cambridge Storytelling Club, Forest Row Storytelling Club, The Chapel at Shortlands College (Bromley), St Pancras Church (London), Bogan House (Totnes) and Buckfast Abbey.